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Meal Prep Tips for Newbies: Top Meal Prep Ideas You NEED to Help You Stay Energetic Fit and Healthy

Who should Meal Prep?

Anyone who has a very specific meal plan they are following such as with the 30 Day Shred Nutritional Cleansing and Fat Burning system.  Anyone who is very busy and doesn't have time to make meals during the week.Anyone who many be more likely to give into temptation when hungry if a meal is not already there for them that had been pre-made.
So what are some of the most important tips that can help you with your Energetic, Fit and Healthy Meal Prep?

Here are the Top Meal Prep Ideas that you should start incorporating now!

1-  Be sure you have LOTS of tupperware containers on hand, because you will NEED them! ;)

2-  Pick a day to plan and prepare your meals for the week.  Any day that works for you when you have time to sit down, make your list, cook, divide etc...

Next, use this general guide to help you Plan and Prep your Meals:

The Energetic, Fit & Healthy Meal Prep Guide for Newbies:
(*Please note, I am not a personal trainer or nutritionist, these are simply …

Is Your Protein Powder Safe? Choosing the Best Protein Powder and What You Should Be Looking for!

With the promise of losing weight, building lean muscle, and getting Energetic Fit and Healthy, it's easy to see why protein powders, shakes and smoothies are such a popular option.  

But is your protein powder safe?
Many of the protein powders and shakes available in the marketplace today have ingredients, preservatives and additives that are unhealthy and unsafe.  (Soy and Sucralose being 2 of the BIGGEST Culprits out there!)

While there can be some great options as well, it is important to know exactly what to look for when choosing the Best protein powder for you!

What You Should be Looking for in a Healthy Protein Powder:
1-  Type of Protein Source:  First of all it's important to know what kind of protein is being used in your protein powder.  

The 3 of the Best kinds of protein sources are:

UNdenatured, New Zealand Whey Protein- grass fed, hormone-free Whey protein (not cheap, poor quality whey)  (Click here to learn more about denatured vs UNdenatured Whey protein and why it …