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Top Wellness Trends for 2018: What are the Best Trends for Health and Fitness this Year?

So, you've probably noticed...

Top health and fitness trends for 2018 are vying for our attention, like crazy, all over social media!!

But, it can be so hard to know which ones are just fads and which will have legitimate value and staying power well into the future...

but here are a few of the top health and fitness trends for 2018 to pay attention to, that will likely be the most helpful to keep you energetic fit and healthy this year and beyond...

What are the Top Fitness, Health and Wellness Trends for 2018?
1-  Intermittent Fasting-  What is Intermittent Fasting??Currently one of THE most popular phenomenons in the fitness and wellness communities, Intermittent fasting is simply alternating periods of fasting and eating.  There are many methods and schedule options for Intermittent fasting, my favorite being combined with a Nutritionally supported fast or 'Nutritional Cleansing' which consists of 5-6 shake days followed by 1-2 fast or cleanse days.  Read more about Intermi…

2018 New Year New You Challenge: TOP 5 Ways to Actually STICK to Your Energetic, Fit and Healthy Resolutions

Well...have you made your list of New Year's Resolutions for 2018 yet?

No?? Why not? Oh because you never keep them, right? lol

Don't worry, you're in great company!! ;)

Every year, without fail, New Year's Resolutions are made and broken! We always head into the new year so enthusiastic about all the positive changes we plan to make with our lives and for most of us, weeks and months pass and the majority of our goals vanish without a trace!

But why? We start with great intentions then our motivation fades...

According to the stats poll from this past year the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for 2017 were: 1- Lose weight
2-Get organized
3-Spend less, save more
4-Travel More!
5-Stay Energetic, fit and healthy
6-Learn something exciting
7-Quit smoking
8-Help others in their dreams
9-Fall in love
10- Spend more time with family Every one of these goals is do-able AND attainable, believe it or not, all it really takes is the right mindset and approach to setting and reaching goals. So …