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Beat the Excuses! TOP 4 Mom-Excuses for Not Working Out (and How you can beat them, if you really want to!)

Ok, No More Slacking, Moms!  

You know those days...honestly intending to workout and stick to your Energetic, Fit and Healthy goals...but things keep coming up, right?

I even had my workout pants on! ;)

True, stay at home moms truly have more on their plates then pretty much anyone out there (especially when we are also Work at Home Moms!)  

So, if anyone has an excuse it would be a busy mom, right?  


Even a busy, work at home mom, can manage to find the time to stay fit and healthy!  

So, how can we make sure to make our health a priority when we have kids, housework and a home business to manage?

Well, here are 3 of the Top Mom-Excuses for Not Working out that YOU can beat (IF you really want to!)

1-  "I'm TOO Busy":  I hear this one all the time and honestly, I know the feeling.  But if you're honest with yourself and take a look at your average day there are probably spurts of time here and there that may be spent on the computer scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest that you could swap out for some exercise at least 3 days a week!  The best way to find the time is the make the time!  Put it on your schedule and treat it with the same respect as you would a business meeting or a coffee date with a friend.  
Being busy is not an excuse for you to live an unhealthy life. Plan your time wisely. Make time for working out & other activities." -author unknown

2-  "I have Kids":  Me too! ;-)  All 3 of mine are still little, so
again I know the feeling of being busy with kids that need your time and attention.  But again, when it's important to you you will find a way, if not, you'll find an excuse!  So instead of using your kids as a reason you can't workout, use them as your motivation to want to set an example of living a healthy life!  I have many memories of heading to the gym with my mom and going to the kids area while she worked out for an hour and we played and did fun activities.  I also remember seeing her do a workout video in the living room and even joining in from time to time.  It was FUN!  She taught me that staying healthy was important and now I do the same for my kids.  They know that mommy wants to be healthy so that I can have the energy to play with them and live a healthy life!  

3-  "It's Hard to Stick to a Workout/Diet Routine When I'm the
Only One in the House doing it!":  Again, I totally get it!  But think about it this way; you are setting a great example for your family!  And in many cases, there are lots of creative ways that you can incorporate healthy living in such a way that your kids and spouse will be on board as well.  There are lots of healthy recipes that are kid-friendly and lots of activities that the whole family can do together:  family bike rides, swimming, evening walks/jogs around the block etc.  Get creative and make it fun!  Get a new healthy recipe book (Try "Deceptively Delicious" from Jessica Seinfeld) and try out a new recipe that your family gets to take a vote on; if it's a winner, you can keep it and make it again!

4- "I feel Selfish":  Remember, it's not selfish to take care of yourself. You can be a better mom, happier, with more energy to play and handle family life when you are healthy.

I know that I feel SO much better and well-equipped to handle my day on the days I workout vs the days that I don't. My ability to handle the normal stresses and chaos of normal family life, screaming kids (you know!), that hour right before bed time!? lol  Yeah, I can handle it all SO much better when I workout! ;)

Your kids and busy life are your reason for staying Energetic, Fit and Healthy, not your excuse!

So do your family a favor and go workout today! <3

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