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Health Hacks: 10 Energetic Fit and Healthy Wellness Hacks You NEED in Your Life!

Staying Energetic, Fit and Healthy doesn't have to mean crazy fads or disruptions to your life.  Actually some of the simplest tweaks and habits can make the biggest differences and a few positive changes over time can yield the best results in the long run.   So, with that said, what are some simple changes you can start making now to start seeing results and feeling more Energetic, Fit and healthy?   Well here are 10 of my favorite health hacks to do just that! 1- Move that Body!     Working out is for EVERYONE not just weight loss! One of the best ways to get Fit and help your body stay energetic, fit and healthy is through daily exercise.  You don't have to be a professional athlete or fitness competitor; even a simple 20 minute walk or jog can do the trick.  If you haven't been physically active in the past or are injured then focus on what you CAN do.  Options when people need to modify even include low or no impact movements such as Pilates,