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Superfood Gingerbread Protein Shake Recipe | With Guest Blogger Bonnie Randall

Its the most wonderful time of the year, Right? But it's also the time when statistics show the average person gains 7-10 lbs!? YIKES!! Well, my sister, Bonnie Randall, and I decided, 'Not this year, Santa!' lol ;) And today I invited Bonnie, to be my featured guest blogger to share an amazing recipe we came up with after we realized we'd BOTH been on the hunt for a healthy but delicious Gingerbread protein shake recipe!  It has to be out there, somewhere, right?  Well there were many variations but we came up with our own that is the BEST! (in our humble opinion, of course!) Here is my sister, Bonnie's post from Instagram : "So yesterday my sister Emily and I had a creepy moment where she sent me a shake recipe at the exact time i was looking for one!  Then this morning i tried it but it didn’t taste like a real gingerbread cookie  😢  so i played around with the recipe and BOOM we figured out together the best tasting gingerbread shake