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Cleansing and Muscle: What Happens to Muscle During a Nutritional Cleanse?

It is so interesting to see the multiple benefits that nutritional cleansing can have on our bodies. Recently I blogged about Toxic Fat and the effects that Cleansing has on our Body Fat . For many people one of the main reasons to start a cleanse (other than for increased energy, better sleep and clear skin) is the benefit of fat loss.  Because a nutritional cleanse allows the body to rid itself of toxins that prevent the body from releasing unwanted fat. Read more about Cleansing and Fat Burning here. But what about Cleansing and Muscle? What happens to our Muscle during a Nutritional Cleanse?? (read more about Cleansing and Muscle here) During even a brief period of fasting, your metabolism can rapidly change. For example, let’s look at the macronutrient carbohydrate, like those found in rice, breads, and fruit. The storage form in our bodies, glycogen, generally decreases, which can shift metabolism from burning carbohydrates to burning fat for energy. Thi

#GlobalCleanseDay - What is Global Cleanse Day and Why Should You Start 2016 With a Nutritional Cleanse?

If you've been anywhere on Social Media in the Health and Fitness world these days, chances are by now that you've seen the hashtag, #GlobalCleanseDay a time or two, right? ;) So what is Global Cleanse Day , anyways? Why are so many people getting SO excited about it and why would you want to start your New Year off with a Nutritional Cleanse?? #GlobalCleanseDay: On January 4, 2016, people all over the world are planning on starting out their New Year by getting Out with the Old and In with the New ... Literally and Physically!   I love this concept!!   For years, Isagenix has lead the way in the world of Nutritional Cleansing, Health and Wellness, and next week, people all over the world will be celebrating this Uber-effective system by starting their New Years Cleanse on the same day, all together! This is SO Awesome!! Here's what Isagenix had to say about Global Cleanse Day: Isagenix has been leading the way to health by advocating the practice

*Energetic Fit and Healthy Holiday Survival Guide: Top 4 Ways to Fit and Avoid Weight Gain Through the Holidays!*

The HOLIDAYS are back!! Yay! Well you May have escaped Thanksgiving unscathed (pounds-wise...) or if you're like most, probably not...but now Christmas is still on it's way and then New Years! Did you know that the average person gains anywhere from 5-10 lbs between Thanksgiving and New Years?? What if that was allowed to continue for a few years in a row??? You don't have to let big holiday dinners and treats sabotage all of your hard work throughout the year.  Believe it or not, it is possible to enjoy all of the fun and excitement of the holiday season without gaining weight and derailing all of your fitness goals. So how can you strike a balance between enjoying the foods and flavors you love most without succumbing to the temptations that can ruin your efforts to stay energetic, fit and healthy? Here are the Top 5 Tips to Help you Stay  Energetic, Fit and Healthy  and Survive the Holidays: 1- Schedule Your Workouts:   Make it a priority!  The holi