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Macronutrients 101: What in the World is a Macro and what is the BEST Macronutrient Ratio to stay Energetic FIT and Healthy?

When it comes to losing weight or getting fit, it seems counting calories is a popular way to do it.  But recently I had an interesting conversation with a great fellow-fitness friend of mine that brought up another important topic when it comes to nutrition:   MACRONUTRIENTS! After mentioning the calorie content of a salad I loved, she reminded me of the importance of paying attention to the "Macros" rather than just the calories.  It's interesting that unless you are in the fitness world you don't often hear this term but I thought it would be good to explore it a little deeper to help the rest of us understand it better, what it is and how it works. So What in the World are are "Macros", anyways?  And Why Should we Care? Are they just for Bodybuilders and fitness competitors and why should the rest of us pay attention to them?? When it comes to the nutritional needs of our body, the way we divide our basic dietary needs is by: Macr

Ellie Subscription Box Review: What is the Ellie Activewear Subscription Box All About, Anyways?

Whether you're a certified Health Nut and Fitness junkie like me, or just want to look cute at the gym or lounging around the house, it's always nice to have a steady supply of Activewear to keep you going, right? ;)  So when my sister first told me about the Ellie Activewear Subscription Box, I was immediately intrigued!  I mean, honestly, workout clothes are basically my uniform for LIFE!! lol! I already love the idea of Subscription boxes, having first tried and loved beauty subscriptions like Ipsy and BoxyCharm! (check out some of my Boxycharm reviews here!)  It's just so much fun getting a little present to yourself each month full of fun surprises!! But with staying Energetic, Fit and Healthy , being such a HUGE part of my life, the Ellie fitness subscription box just made perfect sense for me! So what is the Ellie Subscription box, anyways? Ellie is a month subscription service that sends you 5 active lifestyle items for $49.95 a month, including an ou

Modern Aroma Review: Wearable Essential Oil Diffusers and Therapeutic Jewelry

"Think beautiful things   Now simply inhale, and prepare for the love. Therapeutic jewelry that combines the healing properties of gemstones and the therapeutic value of essential oils.  Made by loving hands, inspired by dreamers." Wouldn't it be amazing if the same essential oils you love to use in your home could go with you throughout your day in a way that looked beautiful and stylish? Recently, I reconnected with a great friend of mine, Miriah Everett, who owns a unique business called, Modern Aroma , that solved that issue of bringing your favorite oils with you in a beautiful way. Miriah designs and creates beautiful jewelry that doubles as wearable essential oil diffusers. Or portable essential oil diffusers that double as jewelry! ;) Depending on how you like to look at it! ;) Either way the pieces are absolutely stunning to wear and look at. Each is handmade from beautiful and unique gemstones, lava stone and sterling steel. How to