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Modern Aroma Review: Wearable Essential Oil Diffusers and Therapeutic Jewelry

"Think beautiful things  
Now simply inhale, and prepare for the love. Therapeutic jewelry that combines the healing properties of gemstones and the therapeutic value of essential oils. 
Made by loving hands, inspired by dreamers."

Wouldn't it be amazing if the same essential oils you love to use in your home could go with you throughout your day in a way that looked beautiful and stylish?

Recently, I reconnected with a great friend of mine, Miriah Everett, who owns a unique business called, Modern Aroma, that solved that issue of bringing your favorite oils with you in a beautiful way.
Miriah designs and creates beautiful jewelry that doubles as wearable essential oil diffusers. Or portable essential oil diffusers that double as jewelry! ;) Depending on how you like to look at it! ;)
Either way the pieces are absolutely stunning to wear and look at. Each is handmade from beautiful and unique gemstones, lava stone and sterling steel.
How to use the Modern Aroma essential oil jewelry:
The concept is really quite simple and makes so much sense: Just apply 1 drop of your favorite essential oil per lava stone, let sit then rub remaining oil into lava stone and it will last an average of 1-3 days.
Similarly, the necklaces are made with gemstones each representing different positive feelings, goals and intentions and containing sterling silver lockets that open to reveal a special, washable and removable pad for the essential oils to diffuse.

She also has aromatherapy car diffusers to enjoy while on the go!
My favorite thing about these is that the jewelry truly is a piece of art, as Miriah has designed and made each piece. They are beautiful to wear while functional and serving a great purpose.
As someone that takes a great interest in wellness, fitness and nutrition, I know that the essential oils market is growing and in demand. So many people will be searching for ways to bring their favorite oils with them throughout their day and this will be a perfect way to do that in a way that fits in with your unique style and personality.

Check out Miriah's website to find the color and style that best suits you. Modern Aroma is a beautiful and unique way to help you live an energetic, fit and healthy lifestyle that fits you best.
How to Purchase Modern Aroma Essential Oil Jewelry:
For more information and to order your own Modern Aroma wearable essential oil diffusers and therapeutic jewelry, please visit: Modern Aroma
Follow on Instagram: @modernaroma
and on Facebook: Modern Aroma
Modern Aroma Wholesale:
For those with an Essential Oils business, Modern Aroma also provides wholesale options.  
For more information about Wholesale opportunities, contact Miriah Everett at 613-258-6862 or by email at
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