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Do We Really Need Nutritional Supplements? Top 5 Reasons We Need to Supplement

Do I really need to supplement?

Why is it so important, anyways?

Well, in a perfect world, none of us would need to supplement because we'd be able to get all the nutrients we need to survive from the food we eat.  But due to the poor quality of our modern diet from chemicals, preservatives and toxins, daily stresses etc, few of us are able to get what we need even in the most strict of organic diets.

According to Dr. Mark Hyman, "Most people don’t understand the role of vitamins and minerals in our bodies. I certainly didn’t when I finished medical training. I thought if we just had enough to prevent us from some horrible deficiency state like scurvy (vitamin C deficiency), then you didn’t have to worry about how much you were getting. I also thought that if you ate “enriched food” like white flour with a few vitamins added back in, or milk with vitamin D added in, additional vitamin supplementation was a waste."

So Why do we need to supplement?  We are in a health crisis as far as nutrition goes.  Our food is depleted and most of us are in huge need of nutrient dense, whole food supplements in order to correct imbalances, disease and disorder in the body.  

Think about it for a second... when you get sick or have a headache...your body isn't 'tylenol-deficient'...your body is in need of key nutrients to restore health to the body.

It's not that food and nutrients cure anything, but it's amazing what the body can do when you give the body the high-quality nutrition that it so badly needs to be health and function properly.

1- Depleted Soils:  Even if you try to eat a healthy, balanced diet with lots of fruit and veggies, chances are high that the food comes from soil with low mineral content. When foods are grown over and over again in the same soil, the mineral content of that soil becomes depleted over time. (This is another reason why it is so important to try to eat organic food as much as possible. Organic farming practices include “crop rotating” to prevent soil depletion.) But, unfortunately, even buying organic doesn’t guarantee superior food. Most of us, even with an organic diet, will need to supplement in order to ensure we are getting all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients our bodies need to function at their best.

2- Overcooking Food:  Americans tend to have a bad habit of overcooking food which results in a huge loss of nutrients, meaning less vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Additionally, eating these depleted foods over time can result in its own set of health concerns. As far as fruits and vegetables go, eating them in as close to a raw state as possible is the best way to preserve nutritional content.

3- Not Eating Regular, Healthy, Fresh Meals: Skipping meals, fast food... then scarfing down too much food later in the day can all put the body in too much digestive stress resulting in a host of uncomfortable symptoms. 

4-  Normal Aging = Digestion Issues: As we age, our bodies produce less and less enzymes, including the vital ones necessary for proper digestion to process the foods we eat. This can lead to common stomach problems such as acid reflux, heartburn, upset stomach and constipation.

5- Stress = Lowered Immune System:  Without a doubt, we all lead hectic, busy lives! Between family, work, school and other commitments our lives are filled to the limit! All of this stress can take a huge toll on your body and compromise your immune system. Taking pure, whole-food supplements can help to bridge that gap and give your body some of the nutrition it needs to function optimally and help it to handle stress more efficiently.

So, what do you think?  Should you supplement?
Is your body toxic and in need of supplements to improve your quality of life?  
Watch this video here:  Are you toxic?

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  3. This post is great and on point! My husband and I have tried everything to loss weight and feel better. We've tried dieting, eating organic, eating according blood tests that told us what foods we were sensitive to, 21 day cleanse (with no animal products), paleo, and many others to no avail. We started a nutritional program a few months ago with meal replacements, vitamins, snacks along with fresh healthy food too! So we feel there's a beautiful balance. We were so tired, overweight and depressed about our bodies. Now we are a combined total of 50lbs lighter and 45 inches smaller. We feel energized and happy! Also, something really cool...We think we are gaining lean muscle because we've never weighed these current weights and been so small in a clothing size - normally I'd be a size 14-16 and I am wearing size 9/10! Sorry to go on, I got so excited! Thank you, keep posting!

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