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Nutritional Cleansing FAQs - YOUR Top Cleansing and Shake Day Questions Answered!

When it comes to weight loss and fitness, one of the most effective methods for people to achieve optimal health that I've seen has been through Nutritional Cleansing.  But so often when a person is researching to better understand this system of superfoods, cleansing and shake days, there are some common and often hilarious questions that can come up as well!! ;) (It's ok, we all wonder if a cleanse will make us live on the toilet!? lol) So, recently I gathered a panel of people from various backgrounds including athletes, bodybuilders, and medical professionals to share why they chose Nutritional Cleansing to either lose weight, gain lean muscle, improve energy levels, manage stress or just to feel happier and healthier in general.  They helped to answer some of these common questions as well as share some of their favorite tips and advice for getting the best results through Nutritional Cleansing and it was so interesting to hear what they all had to say! Watch