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Nutritional Cleansing FAQs - YOUR Top Cleansing and Shake Day Questions Answered!

When it comes to weight loss and fitness, one of the most effective methods for people to achieve optimal health that I've seen has been through Nutritional Cleansing.  But so often when a person is researching to better understand this system of superfoods, cleansing and shake days, there are some common and often hilarious questions that can come up as well!! ;) (It's ok, we all wonder if a cleanse will make us live on the toilet!? lol)

So, recently I gathered a panel of people from various backgrounds including athletes, bodybuilders, and medical professionals to share why they chose Nutritional Cleansing to either lose weight, gain lean muscle, improve energy levels, manage stress or just to feel happier and healthier in general.  They helped to answer some of these common questions as well as share some of their favorite tips and advice for getting the best results through Nutritional Cleansing and it was so interesting to hear what they all had to say!

Watch our fascinating #StoikedLIVE Nutritional Cleansing FAQ Panel here:
Our Special Guest Panelists:
Shaphan Bowen- Bodybuilding- Ontario
Lorrie Costello- Utah
Tina Bale- Alberta
Carl Ellerson- Pro Tennis Coach- North Carolina
Lillian Kelly- Registered Nurse-Ontario

Nutritional Cleansing FAQs:


A- Nutritional Cleansing is all about flooding your body with the nutrition it needs to be healthy while allowing it to release the unwanted toxins and the fat cells that are surrounding them. 
Our bodies actually have a defense mechanism where it puts fat cells around the toxins in order to protect our vital organs from being poisoned; so until you first address the issue of toxicity in the body, you won't be able to effective or permanently shed the fat.
What makes it so unique and why do you think people are having such incredible results here that are so long lasting compared to regular diets that tend to result in yo-yo, rebound weight gain??

A-Watch this short video to see WHY a person would need to cleanse, the benefits of cleansing and how it works:
Here's the details on how the cleanse works and what to do:

Q--Is this a POOPY CLEANSE?  Can I do this at work or away from home?  Will I be living on the toilet??  

A- Lol!  Believe it or not, this is a super common question and concern!  And with all the colon cleanses, diet teas and related products and diet gimmicks on the market, I'm not surprised that this is a question out a lot! ;)

But don't worry... Cellular Nutritional Cleansing is quite different from a colon or liver cleanse that might make you have to run to the bathroom all the time...

  • Click here to read the answer to this funny but super common question and the difference between a colon cleanse and cellular nutritional cleansing.  Is this a Poopy Cleanse?

Q---What do we do with nutritional cleansing?
A- Easy!  Follow the schedule! ^^  You won't have to worry what to do and when to do it because we have a schedule that shows you what to do when as well as a team of people to encourage you and help you stay motivated!

As you can see if the schedule above, we have Shake Days and Cleanse days.

Shake Days:
On a shake day you enjoy a delicious italian protein meal replacement shake, snack, shake, snack, healthy dinner  lots of water!

Cleanse days
On cleanse days we have the cleanse for life, isasnacks, isadelights healthy chocolates!  Yes, you actually get to have chocolates on your cleanse days!  Score!! :-)

Q-IsaDelights-- WHAT ARE THEY- AND are these important really??  And why do you like them so much?

A- Click here to read the benefits of IsaDelights Healthy Chocolates.  The Fat burning, appetite curbing chocolate that helps prevent you from feeling 'hangry'! ;)

Q---How do you like THE ISALEAN shakes?  
People always want to know- do they taste good?
what makes the IsaLean shakes different from a regular protein shake that you can get from walmart or a health food store?

A- YES!!  The are the best shakes I've ever had and actually keep me feeling FULL compared to others where I felt ravenous an hour later!

Q- Will I get bored with the shakes?

A- No!  WE have so many IsaLean Shake flavors and recipes to choose from:  French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Strawberry Cream, and Seasonal Flavors that come out every month or so that have included recently:  Pina Colada, Orange Cream, Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Mint and Egg Nog!
We also have 3 Dairy Free/Vegan flavors to choose from:  Vanilla Chai, Rich Chocolate and Berry Harvest.

And if you want a IsaLean protein Bar instead of a shake we have SO many that are SO yummy:  chocolate decadence, lemon passion crunch and dairy free chocolate dairy bliss are some of my favorites!  (Click here to see more IsaLean Bar flavors!) 

Q--But I like to eat FOOD!!! ;)  or but I EAT CLEAN! Why do I need this?

A- Our food is depleted- chemicals, pesticides, GMO's- the nutrition in food today isn't the same as it was years ago!

We love to eat too- we have so many awesome recipes to help you stay on track and the shakes are delicious and never get boring- we have so many flavor varieties, a new seasonal shake flavor every couple months or so  and tons of ways to use the shakes for different smoothies, protein cookies, protein donuts etc

Q--How does not eating for 24-48 hrs help build lean muscle mass??

A- Click here to read what happens to MUSCLE during a Nutritional Cleanse? And be sure to watch the video above to hear Shaphan Bowen, a competitive body builder share the impacts that nutritional cleansing has on building lean muscle! A fascinating topic!!

Q--Help! I've hit a Plateau with my weight loss!! What can I do!!

Q--I don't need to lose weight- Do I still need to cleanse? What else is it good for?

A- I didn't need to either! If anything I could probably stand to gain a few pounds and this has been an incredible upgrade for me even as a certified health nut! ;) (And remember, there is a such thing as 'skinny fat'); just because a person may appear thin doesn't mean they don't have the dangerous visceral fat that appears around our vital organs because of toxins. It's still important to cleanse and protect our bodies to have our health as good as possible, improve immune system, energy, stress, sleep, skin, brain clarity etc...

Q--I have a Lot of weight to lose- Which cleansing schedule should I follow for best results?

A- The beauty of Nutritional Cleansing is that it adapts to our bodies and what we need. When you give it what it needs to be healthy and function properly, one of those side effects can be to release unwanted pounds and inches. It's actually very simple; remove Toxins and Lose Body Fat. Follow the program, exercise, get enough sleep and you will be amazed at how great you start to look and feel.

Q--How do I Get Started?

First, you need to decide what your main goals are for your health:

Are you Ready for YOUR After-Pic!?
After you know what your focus and goals are, you can explore the system options.  The most common way to start is with the 30 day Nutritional Cleansing and Fat burning system or Value Pack options that come with everything you need for the month as well as replacing 2 meals a day (so you're redirecting what you would have spent for the month on groceries rather than adding to what you normally spend.)

**Next, order your 30 day system here to get started and register for the IsaBody challenge to help you stay motivated and on track to reach your goals!  Your personal challenge will be free to start and you'll get $200 in free product every 4 months just for sticking with it!  What an awesome Bonus!! :-D
Be sure to find us on Facebook to join our Energetic, Fit and Healthy Challenge and Accountability group for more tips to help you stay on track and encouragement to keep up the great work!

Congratulations on making the decision to be your Healthiest Self!
Everyone deserves to live in a Healthy body!!

To your health,

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