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Top 20 Health and Fitness Trends for 2020: What are the the Most Notable Trends to Keep You Energetic Fit and Healthy in 2020?

Top 20 Health and Fitness Trends for 2020: What are the the Most Notable Trends to Keep You Energetic Fit and Healthy in 2020?

So, maybe you've noticed?

It seems we are barely a week and a half into the New Year and Top health and fitness trends for 2020 are already competing for our attention!

But, it can be so hard to know which are simply passing fads and which will last...

So here are some of the top health and fitness trends for 2020 that have caught my eye (and that you may want to pay attention to as well) as those that will likely be the most helpful to keep you energetic fit and healthy in 2020 and beyond...

What are the Top Fitness, Health and Wellness Trends for 2020?

  1. Wearable Technology
I've noticed that Wearable technology has been on my list of top trends since 2016, and it continues with 2020. Wearable technology (such as fitbits and apple watches) are found everywhere from your wrist to your ears and from your eyes to our garments. With stats such as measuring calories, heart rate, sitting time, sleep, hydration levels, and more, the practical applications are endless. In 2020, some new innovations include longer lasting batteries and smaller, more accurate sensors.  
  1. Functional Training
Functional training, as the name implies, focuses around using strength training to improve coordination, balance, muscular strength, and endurance to improve activities of everyday living. In other words, instead of focusing on how much weight or how many reps we can complete, the mindset will shift to performing all the movements while also learning proper techniques. Imitating actual physical activities one might do as a function of their daily life allows our bodies to continue functioning at our best for as long as possible.
Here's a great example of a Functional Training workout that you can try:

  1. HIIT
One of my go-to workouts! HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is a term for workouts that involve short bursts of intense exercise alternating with low-intensity recovery periods. Typically, a HIIT workout will range from 10 to 30 minutes in duration. One of the best things about HIIT is that you can get maximum health benefits in minimal time. According to a recent study, which compared HIIT to weight training, running, and biking, researchers found that HIIT burned 25-30 percent more calories than the other forms of exercise. It also suggests that HIIT may increase your metabolism after exercise more so than jogging and weight training. This results in additional calories being burned even after you have finished exercising. Bonus! A variation of Hiit that I love is called Tabata where the High intensity lasts for 20 seconds and the low intensity or rest time is 10 seconds.
Here's a fun example of a Tabata Hiit for you to try:

  1. Hybrid/Fusion Classes
Hybrid and fusion classes are really fun for those of us who get bored easily or like a bit of variety to mix things up.  This kind of class likes to combine a bunch of activities you may not typically see together: running, rowing, swimming, boxing, kettlebells, sandbags, calisthenics, yoga, kickboxing, barre, etc. Hybrid or Fusion workouts like to throw cardio, strength and toning together, speed it up and invite us to join! ;) 
  1. At-Home Workouts
With everything from celebrity-led workout apps, to youtube and live-streaming fitness classes, technology has completely transformed our at-home workouts. Think tech-centered equipment like the Peloton, who has ‘game-changing live fitness comes home’ written all over the website. The home workout space is growing quickly and includes a wide variety of fitness equipment and videos to choose from. From intelligent rowing machines to a full-length mirror that works as your own personal trainer, working out at home in 2020 will be more creative and exciting than ever.  As a busy, home schooling and work at home mom of 3, working out at home is just easier and more convenient for me and now I've gotten my kids to join me quite often throughout the week which is a huge mom-win!!
  1. Health and Fitness Apps
Data and personalization are here for the long run to help make us stronger and faster. Today, the field of health and fitness app development is gaining popularity because the number of people using such apps has increased. Some of the benefits of downloading a health and fitness app is to easily track progress, set goals, get free workout ideas, and more. In 2020 look for access to more data as further understanding of our own personal health and wellness continue.  Personally, I use many apps to keep track of my health and fitness, monthly cycle, water consumption etc.  It's fun and interesting to compare, track stats and trends in my body and gain insight as to how I am doing.
  1. DNA Testing and Epigenetics
You may have noticed that DNA Ancestry kits have become so popular lately! For one thing, we all like to know a little more about ourselves:  where we come from, why we look and feel the way we do etc... but now kits for health and nutrition have become all the rage in the health and wellness world as well. Google search ‘at-home DNA test for fitness and nutrition’ and over 9+ million results pop-up. Everyone from the fitness junkie to the health nut to the merely curious can benefit from a better understanding of their genetic makeup and how it relates to their health and performance. With DNA testing, you can learn what hormones may be preventing you from losing that extra five pounds, why you seem to be more prone to migraines than your sister, why you may have more issues with certain supplements or need to avoid others etc....  This is definitely on my to-do list for 2020, along with reading the book, "Dirty Genes" by Dr Ben Lynch so that I can better understand my genetics and how they relate to my ancestry and health.
  1. Telehealth
No, not teletubbies! lol ;) Telehealth... This is a new and very interesting digital technology which allows people to almost recreate the old time doctor's house call, in a way, (without the actual need to travel). Telemedicine is currently being implemented in everything from primary care to radiology, cardiology and orthopedics. 
  1. Healthy Aging
Active, healthy aging is continuing to grow in value and importance, as our society is living and working longer, and staying healthy and active longer. The ever expanding number of baby boomers and longer lifespans has resulted in a demand for fitness alternatives for this segment of the population as well. Programming and training these active agers does not just apply to 70-80-year-olds, but really should begin at 30, 40, and 50 years old (we are all aging and should start paying attention to how we can age gracefully and as healthy as possible). Exercise is now being viewed as a type of medicine and therapy, and fitness and health professionals are emphasizing the concept of "prehab" versus rehab and prevention over medication/treatment.  Another way to encourage healthy aging is by taking care of our telomeres, strands in our dna that shorten as we age.
  1. Outdoor Sports and Recreation
Being active outdoors is such a great and fun way for us to get outside and enjoy our natural surroundings.  From hiking the trails to bike riding, walking or running, there are so many great ways to get outside and get active.  Google your town and outdoor activities for ideas!
  1. Getting Enough Sleep!
Wow!! So, not getting enough sleep is now being considered an actual health epidemic!?!  Even though we all know it's so important, sometimes getting enough sleep is easier said than done!!  In 2020, we will see more emphasis on blue-light blocking screen protectors and glasses, sleep apps, noise machines, smart alarm clocks, and mood-boosting light bulbs that can help you settle down at night and wake up in the morning. Some health clubs are even starting to hire sleep coaches to help their members overcome their sleep issues.
  1. Intermittent FastingIn 2019 we saw a rise in popularity with this trend and in 2020, it will likely continue as more research supports the health benefits of this practice.
  1. Intuitive Eating
Intuitive eating has become quite the buzzword in the Wellness world. But what does it mean, exactly? It’s a way of eating that aims to help people become the experts of their own body and its hunger signals by becoming more mindful, aware and intentional. This concept goes hand-in-hand with the growing body-positivity movement and getting rid of the diet mentality (mindful, intuitive eating can be synonymous with “anti-diet”). A few basics of intuitive eating include eating when you are hungry, stopping when you are full, not seeing any food as “good” or “bad,” and enjoying your food.  Pay attention to your body and how you feel.  Moderation in all things.  
  1. Plant-Based Diets
Plant-based diets tend to consist mostly (or entirely) of foods derived from plants, including vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, and fruits with little to no animal products. It is predicted by 2040 that only 40 percent of the global population will be eating meat, and plant-based products have become increasingly popular. ‘Beyond Meat’ and ‘Impossible Burgers’ have already made a big splash in the food industry, but you can expect to see more brands and products popping up in 2020. And with 24.8 million #plantbased posts on Instagram, it’s safe to say the trend is here to stay.
  1. Collagen and collagen peptides
Collagen is a vital protein that forms the connective tissues throughout your body, bones and skin. Your body naturally produces collagen every day but that production slows over time. Collagen consumption can help reduce wrinkles, keep joints strong and flexible, support strong bones, and increase skin hydration. You can add more collagen to your diet by regularly consuming foods like bone broth.
What kind of collagen should you look for?  Here's some information on collagen peptides to help you stay Energetic, Fit and Healthy.
  1. The Human Microbiome and Gut Health
Each person is made up of their own unique microbiome, which houses nearly 100 trillion bacteria that outnumber our human cells 10 to 1. These bacteria help to increase nutrient absorption, ward off pathogens, and recent studies show that the health of the bacteria in our intestines can directly affect our mood and brain chemistry. In fact, 70 to 80 percent of our immune system is contained within our digestive tract. The good news is that your microbiome is malleable, meaning you can improve your gut health with a few simple changes in daily routine. One way you can start is by consuming foods high in prebiotics such as garlic, onions, artichoke, and asparagus as well as probiotic rich foods such as yogurt, kombucha and apple cider vinegar.  Click here for some ideas how how to use Apple Cider vinegar.
  1. Mindful Snacking
Snacking is such a weight loss saboteur, isn't it? Well, at least for some.  And the concept of mindfulness is such a great way to bring balance and awareness into every aspect of how we eat.  How often have you sat down to watch tv with a bag of chips or pretzels and before you know it, you've eaten almost the entire bag!?  That, my friends is the opposite of mindfulness! haha  Mindless eating!!  So, mindful snacking, on the other hand, encourages us to eat while paying attention.  First, put just a handful into a bowl, rather than taking the whole bag with you, then be aware of how you feel.  Are you just bored?  Sad?  The key is not to eat mindlessly. Some other tips that can help other than paying attention and portion control would be to try to limit distractions, and pay attention to the taste and smell of the food.  (And Slow down!!)   Here are more tips to help you breakthrough that dreaded weight loss plateau!
  1. Nutritional CleansingAnother of the top health and fitness trends for 2020 will include a continuation towards more nutritional cleansing to rid the body of unwanted toxins that prevent the body from releasing unhealthy fat.  
  1. Organic Options for Kids
Did you know that 80% of millennials will have kids of their own by 2026? This means there will be more parents needing to teach their children about healthier foods and eating habits. Part of this will include an emphasis on organic and healthy options for kids to help cut down on the childhood obesity epidemic that has been plaguing our country and world.
  1. AdaptogensAnother buzzword in the wellness community, adaptogens are special herbs that are getting more and more attention because of their ability to help the body to adapt to stress.  Something we can all benefit from in one way or another.  Look for adaptogens in herbal teas, smoothies, protein shakes and other energy boosting drinks.  Some adaptogens to seek out would be ashwaganda, maca root, wolf berry and rhodiola.  Learn more here:  What in the world are adaptogens, anyways, and how can they help you?
So what about you?  

Which of these trends most piques your curiosity and interest?  

Which do you feel have already helped you in your quest for better health, wellness and fitness?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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