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Protein Grades: What Grade of Protein do you need to stay Energetic fit and Healthy

Did you know that there are 7 different grades of whey protein on the market? When looking for the best protein powder to help you stay Energetic, Fit and Healthy, it's important to be aware of and look for the top Protein grade. So what are the Grades of Protein and which protein grade do you need for Best Results? Grades 1 and 2: are equivalent to dog/cat food and Taco Bell....yes, Taco Bell.  🌮  These grades are the worst of the worst. Mostly bio-waste animal parts, no regulation, filled with protein fillers, nothing life enhancing about these grades. GMO fed cows.  Gross!  😩 Grades 3-5: This is what most people buy and consume from mainstream stores and online supplement websites. These can best be understood as coming from conventional hormone injected, GMO corn fed, antibiotic injected, forcefully milked out of season cows. This type of protein many times has heavy metal toxicity as well.  Not your best choice. Grades 6: a better step in the right dire