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Why Detox? 5 Reasons a Detox Can Do Your Body Good!

Millions of people suffer from an overloaded toxic body... whether it be headaches and brain fog to sore joints and muscles, or more serious ailments such as autoimmune disorders, migraines or worse, toxins pose a problem for our health which is why detoxes are so often suggested as a great benefit. Am I toxic?  How do I know if I need a cleanse detox? I know that sometimes when we hear the word 'detox' we worry about how it may affect us...will I starve?... " is it a poopy cleanse? " lol  When I talk about detox I am referring to a nutritional rebalancing detox or nutritional cleansing detox. Nutritional Cleansing is not the same as a colon detox or  colon cleansing , which is based on using fiber or laxatives to shed gunk and foreign substances from your colon. Instead, Nutritional Cleansing involves using nutrition to help your body perform at its best by ridding it of harmful substances, naturally. Nutritional Cleansing detox uses natural ingr

BeA Healthy Energy Drink Review: What is BĒA - Botanical Energy + Adaptogens?

As we all know, the Energy Drink market is a booming one, with unhealthy choices like Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar leading the pack.  Considering how fast-paced our lives are whether you run a business or have little ones to keep up with at home, we all need a little something to help us power through our day...SO it's about time we got a better choice to not only help us in a safe and healthy way but to disrupt the industry all together! What could that be?? Enter,   BĒA - Botanical Energy + Adaptogens  - the new Healthy Energy Drink  that is changing everything!! What is BeA and what makes it the new Leader in Healthy Energy Drinks? Think of BeA, more like the  OPPOSITE of a Red Bull  or a Monster in that it doesn't have any of the unhealthy side effects that are brought on by high amounts of sugar or synthetic caffeine.  BeA on the other hand, contains a proprietary formula of, as the name suggests: Botanical Energy and Adaptogens. What else does BeA ha

Is Your Energy Drink Safe? The Truth about Energy Drinks and What to Look for in a HEALTHY Energy Drink

What do you know about Energy Drinks?  Are energy drinks safe or are they really as dangerous as we sometimes hear?  Whether you love them or not, the the energy drink industry has grown and spread like crazy over the past 10 years or so.  Energy drinks are available almost everywhere you go with teenagers being the highest consumers.  So what do we need to know about energy drinks and what should we be looking out for in safer alternatives?   What is the Truth about Energy Drinks and their Safety? The reality these days is that with the busy pace of our lifestyles the lure and benefit of a quick energy boost from an energy drink is so enticing, but with most of the energy drinks available on the market we just don't have many safe choices.  So it becomes even more important to look for an energy drink that is actually safe and healthy. The most popular energy drinks on the market right now are Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar and a good part of the reason why we are

Smoothie Bowls Galore: How to Build the Perfect Smoothie Bowl and 5 Amazing Smoothie Bowl Recipes to Keep You Energetic Fit and Healthy!

As someone who's long preferred to "Eat my Shake" with a spoon, Smoothie bowls are an obvious thing for me to love and appreciate! What better way to get my protein and superfood goodness along with the thick and smooth satisfaction of running my spoon through that perfect velvety texture!!!  Oooh yes, please!! If you haven't tried a smoothie bowl yet, it's easy... just make your shake a little thicker with either a frozen banana or frozen cauliflower (trust me, it's amazing AND low carb!!) and top with your favorite pretty fruits, seeds etc and you've got an amazing healthy meal to start your day or keep you going later on! So what are some of my favorite Healthy Protein Smoothie Bowl Recipes for staying Energetic, Fit and Healthy? I've compiled some of my favorites to get you started and inspire you...and then you can let your creativity, moods and cravings take you from there! ;) But first...  Here is Your Basic Smoothie Bo

Can Collagen Peptides Help You Stay Energetic Fit and Healthy? What to Look for in a Healthy Collagen Peptide Supplement

One of the Hottest Products Online these days seems to be Collagen Peptides and collagen supplements and powders. Almost everywhere you look whether it's  Amazon, Facebook or Instagram, you see someone talking about Collagen, Bone Broth or other collagen peptides type supplements. But what are the best  collagen peptides ?  What should I look for in a collagen supplement and how do you find the best collagen peptides online? Here are some of the criteria we've found to be most important in a collagen peptide product... Absorbability:   One of the main things to consider in a collagen supplement is the size of the collagen molecules for absorbability.  The fact of the matter is that most collagen molecules in their native state are simply too large for our bodies to be able to absorb  efficiently,  unless they’ve been hydrolyzed. Hydrolyzed collagen  is obtained when collagen fibers are broken down into smaller chains of amino acids known as "collagen peptides"

Apple Cider Vinegar Reviews: Can Fairchild's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Help You Stay Energetic Fit and Healthy?

As a dedicated health nut and wellness advocate, Apple Cider Vinegar definitely is one of my all-time go-to solutions for keeping my body healthy, alkaline and detoxified.  Having said that, I know that there are some popular Apple Cider Vinegar products out there on the market and then some newcomers we may also be curious about trying... Fairchild's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar  recently caught my attention on Instagram after posting on my own Instagram about a favorite Apple Cider detox drink that I love.  One of the first things I noticed is that Fairchild's ACV seemed to have an emphasis on being clean and organic as well as being "Undiluted" and full strength!  (Wait... did that mean that the ACV I usually drank WAS diluted??  Well, that's not good... maybe I should give Fairchild's ACV a try!) What is Fairchild's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar all about? Made in the USA, Fairchild's Apple Cider Vinegar is produced by veteran cider crafter, Roge