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Nutritional Cleansing FAQs - YOUR Top Cleansing and Shake Day Questions Answered!

When it comes to weight loss and fitness, one of the most effective methods for people to achieve optimal health that I've seen has been through Nutritional Cleansing.  But so often when a person is researching to better understand this system of superfoods, cleansing and shake days, there are some common and often hilarious questions that can come up as well!! ;) (It's ok, we all wonder if a cleanse will make us live on the toilet!? lol) So, recently I gathered a panel of people from various backgrounds including athletes, bodybuilders, and medical professionals to share why they chose Nutritional Cleansing to either lose weight, gain lean muscle, improve energy levels, manage stress or just to feel happier and healthier in general.  They helped to answer some of these common questions as well as share some of their favorite tips and advice for getting the best results through Nutritional Cleansing and it was so interesting to hear what they all had to say! Watch

Holiday Survival Guide: The Top 5 Ways to Stay Energetic, Fit and Healthy for the Holidays!

The HOLIDAYS are back!! Yay! The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is one of my all-time favorite times of year!!  There's just something about it, right? The music, the lights, friends, family, desserts.... oh...right...the desserts, the treats, the temptations...!? All my hard work and efforts to be healthy all year long can be so difficult to keep up with during these couple months, if I'm not careful and aware to maintain discipline and moderation.   This won't be Me this year!Will it be YOU??? Did you know the average person seriously GAINS 7-10 lbs between Thanksgiving and New Years?!? You don't have to let big holiday dinners and treats sabotage all of your hard work throughout the year.  Believe it or not, it is possible to enjoy all of the fun and excitement of the holiday season without gaining weight and derailing all of your fitness goals. So how can you strike a balance between enjoying the foods and flavors you love most without succumb

#StoikedLIVE - How this BOX Changed Our Lives! Health, Wealth, Time!

Is this One of THOSE Kinds of Cleanses?? How to tell the Difference between a Colon Cleanse and Cellular Nutritional Cleansing!

**Common question?:  Is this one of THOSE KINDS of Cleanses???** Is this a POOPY Cleanse?? Will I be living on the toilet???    Nope...that's a Colon cleanse  What is the difference between Cellular Nutritional Cleansing and a Colon Cleanse anyways?? And What exactly IS Nutritional Cleansing? Whenever I rave about the incredible benefits of Nutritional Cleansing such as fat loss, building lean muscle, improved energy, mood, sleep etc, one of the most common questions I get other than just how and why does this work so well is some version of one of these questions above... So in an effort to clear up the confusion, I thought it would be helpful to point out the key differences between Colon Cleansing and Cellular Nutritional Cleansing here: In essence,  ‪ #‎ NutritionalCleansing ‬  involves nourishing the body with nutrients that assist in clearing out unwanted substances from your body. Nutritional Cleansing is not the same as col

Energetic Fit and Healthy Ways to Break Through that DREADED Weight Loss PLATEAU!

Ok, so no matter how well you're sticking to your routine, it's bound to happen... You hit that DREADED weight loss plateau! You're doing everything right, exercising regularly, eating right... right? So, what can you do?? Sometimes, even when you're technically doing everything right on paper it still doesn't result in any pounds or inches lost in your real life for a week or 2 (maybe 3) and that can be SO annoying!! Don't worry, though!  If you are doing what you're supposed to do your body may just be taking a break from the more obvious results of weight loss to go to work on other parts of the body where you may need the help and nutritional benefits of what you're doing such as immune system, inflammation etc... But even with that said there are some adjustments you can make to switch things up again and kickstart your weight loss and fitness results and here are a few that you can try: Ten Energetic Fit an