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Energetic Fit and Healthy Beauty Reviews: Pur Cosmetics Cameo Contour Review and Giveaway!

Energetic Fit and Healthy Beauty Reviews: Pur Cosmetics Cameo Contour Review and Giveaway! As a self-confessed, health, fitness and beauty junkie, I love to try and review anything having to do with looking and feeling my best! I actually have a ton of reviews on my blogs: In the past I've reviewed a variety of companies, products and concepts including: Fitness and Workouts such as CardioBarre , PiYo and even a Trampoline Fitness Class! Wellness and Nutrition Companies and systems including the 30 day Nutritional Cleansing and Fat Burning System Book reviews such as:   "Balancing it All" by Candace Cameron Bure Book Review and even Beauty Subscription and product reviews such as Ipsy and BoxyCharm Today what I wanted to talk about is another one of my just for fun and just because I love it type of blog posts and reviews: My Energetic Fit and Healthy Review of the NEW Pur Cosmetics Cameo Contour- Earlier today, I was surprised by a gift box

TOP 5 Tips for a Fit and Trim THANKSGIVING - PLUS Healthy Fall Recipes to Add to your Holiday Menus!

Help!  Thanksgiving is coming!? How can I prevent going overboard this year but still enjoy my meal and family time!? During Thanksgiving, it can be so tempting to go overboard with the calories and consumption. Temptations of gooey pumpkin or pecan pie and dense sweet potatoes topped with crackly marshmallows can almost make it seem impossible to behave and avoid the inevitable weight gain, right? "...eating healthfully on Thanksgiving doesn't mean you have to forgo all your favorite foods," said Jennifer K. Nelson, a registered dietitian and director of clinical dietetics at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. "If you've got your eating under control for the majority of the time, go ahead and have a piece of pie — just don't lose control entirely," Nelson told MyHealthNewsDaily. "Keep your willpower and your wits about you." Having a healthy Thanksgiving doesn't mean you have to punish yourself or do without entire

Lose Fat While You Sleep? How does the "Bedtime Belly Buster" Work?

Can you really lose fat while you sleep? I recently came across a concept addressing this idea that caught my attention... As a fitness and nutrition enthusiast, I am always fascinated by anything that can help people to be healthy, but when I hear a term such as the 'Bedtime Belly Buster', I can't help but want to explore and even test it out myself! What is the Bedtime Belly Buster and How does it work? The Bedtime Belly Buster, is a method of consuming protein and other nutrients before going to sleep to allows the metabolism to continue to burn fat and even help you sleep, while waking up with an even trimmer mid-section. Really?  Ok, how does this work, exactly?? According to, The Science of the Bed Time Belly Buster ,  "Based on the complex interactions of the nutrients in the BBB—dietary whey protein and muscle, dietary calcium and fat, and both nutrients with the serotonin- and melatonin-mediated sleep-wake cycle—there is actually excelle

Why Isagenix, Why Now? What Makes Isagenix the Top Wellness Company?

Toxic Fat: How Toxins Make You Fat and What you can do about it!

Do Toxins actually make you fat?? What is the connection between toxins and fat and what can you do about it? According to Dr. Mark Hyman, "Scientists recently uncovered a surprising and disturbing fact: environmental toxins make you fat and cause diabetes. Inside the body, these chemicals monkey with our ability to balance blood sugar and metabolize cholesterol. Over time, the changes can lead to insulin resistance. This discovery should be headline news but no one is talking about it. Why? Because there are no drugs to treat it. In the quest to conquer the two biggest epidemics of our time—diabetes and obesity—we’ve got to turn our attention to the heavy burden environmental toxins put on our bodies." As a direct result of all the toxins around us, in the air we breathe and the food we eat, our bodies are filled with toxins and our bodies literally use fat as a way to  protect our vital organs from those toxins. As Byron Richards, Certified Clinical Nutritio

What in the World are Adaptogens, Anyways? The 'Happy Juice' Secret Weapon to Fighting Stress and Conquering Your Day!

Have You Heard of Adaptogens Yet?   What exactly are Adaptogens and How Do They Help You Fight Stress and Stay Energetic, Fit and Healthy? You know that feeling after a great workout...feeling refreshed, full of endorphins, happy and ready to take on the day? Or after an awesome bath or massage, just relaxed and happy? My HAPPY Place! Or just plain stress-FREE!?  As in AWESOME-NESS Galore!? ;) THAT feeling!? Yah, that's the feeling Adaptogens help with...oh I know...where do I get some, right? ;) Well, recently I've been hearing more and more about the benefits of adaptogens and the benefit they have for our overall health. I've been using a couple wellness products that contain adaptogens and experiencing the amazing and unique benefits and become more and more fascinated with the way they work and why!? So, what are Adaptogens then and how do they help? Simply put, Adaptogens are natural herbs that aid in your body's ability to deal with