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Energetic Fit and Healthy Ways to Break Through that DREADED Weight Loss PLATEAU!

Ok, so no matter how well you're sticking to your routine, it's bound to happen... You hit that DREADED weight loss plateau! You're doing everything right, exercising regularly, eating right... right? So, what can you do?? Sometimes, even when you're technically doing everything right on paper it still doesn't result in any pounds or inches lost in your real life for a week or 2 (maybe 3) and that can be SO annoying!! Don't worry, though!  If you are doing what you're supposed to do your body may just be taking a break from the more obvious results of weight loss to go to work on other parts of the body where you may need the help and nutritional benefits of what you're doing such as immune system, inflammation etc... But even with that said there are some adjustments you can make to switch things up again and kickstart your weight loss and fitness results and here are a few that you can try: Ten Energetic Fit an