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Maca Review: Is Maca the Superfood You Need in Your Life to Stay Energetic, Fit and Healthy?

The journey to better health and wellness can sometimes seem like an endless pursuit... The older we get the more issues it seems we have available to address, correct, maintain... you know... lack of energy, tired, weight gain, weight loss, trouble sleeping, stress management...the list can go on and on!   And for as many potential issues as we may (or may not) be encountering, it seems we have a dizzying array of options out there to help, cure, fix in a week, etc!  It can be so confusing to know which are legitimate and which are just all hype!?! But with all that said, I've recently incorporated a new ingredient into my current wellness regimen of daily supplements that I've actually become really impressed with!  (And as a wellness coach that is always researching and reviewing new products, I'm not always so easily impressed ;) ) the title above says... MACA!   Maybe you've already heard of it, but have you tried it yet? ;) I always love it

Top 7 Ways to Beat the Flu Naturally! (Without getting the Flu Shot!)

No one likes to get sick, especially the dreaded flu!  And just like every winter, it seems like we are being bombarded in the media with reports of the flu being worse than ever and the importance of getting the flu shot as being the only way to avoid it!  Personally, this never worries me very much and our family has been blessed to be able to  beat the flu naturally  year after year.  But if you've been hearing reports about this year's flu and are worried about getting sick and want to stay healthy naturally without the shot, there are lots of ways to do it! Here are some of the Top 7 Ways to Beat the Flu Naturally? (without getting the Dreaded Flu Shot!) 1-  Wash Your Hands:   Obviously, one of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria is by washing your hands.  Sometimes this can be taken for granted and forgotten, but truthfully, one of the easiest ways you can protect yourself is to wash your hands!  Something you can try is to wash for 15 seconds o