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Top 7 Ways to Beat the Flu Naturally! (Without getting the Flu Shot!)

No one likes to get sick, especially the dreaded flu!  And just like every winter, it seems like we are being bombarded in the media with reports of the flu being worse than ever and the importance of getting the flu shot as being the only way to avoid it! 

Personally, this never worries me very much and our family has been blessed to be able to beat the flu naturally year after year.  But if you've been hearing reports about this year's flu and are worried about getting sick and want to stay healthy naturally without the shot, there are lots of ways to do it!

Here are some of the Top 7 Ways to Beat the Flu Naturally? (without getting the Dreaded Flu Shot!)

1-  Wash Your Hands:  Obviously, one of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria is by washing your hands.  Sometimes this can be taken for granted and forgotten, but truthfully, one of the easiest ways you can protect yourself is to wash your hands!  Something you can try is to wash for 15 seconds or sing, "Happy Birthday" in your head to be sure you're washing for long enough.  Be sure to use warm, soapy water when you wash.  Also carry hand sanitizers in your purse for times when you may not be able to get to a sink.

2-  Skip Sweets and Soda:  Did you know that sugar and soda can suppress your immune system?  Just 2 cans of soda (roughly 100g of sugar) can suppress your immune system and white blood cells by up to 40% making you more susceptible to catching an illness! thanks! ;)

Stay Hydrated!
3-  Drink Lots of Water:  Water is another effective way to stay healthy by flushing toxins from the body that can make you sick.  Be sure to drink around half of your body weight in ounces each and every day!

4-  Get Enough Sleep:  When you are too tired your body doesn't have enough strength to fight off disease and infection.  Be sure you are getting 7-8 hours of sleep or at least enough that you know you will feel rested when you wake up in the morning.  (You know your body; if you are frequently exhausted then you need to get to bed earlier and try to keep your sleep schedule as consistent as possible.)

5-  Stay Strong with Exercise:  Another great way to keep your body and immune system strong and avoid catching the flu is with regular exercise.  Again, a strong body is more equipped to fight off sickness than a weak one, so be sure to workout on a regular basis with a program that includes both cardio and strength training.  For more tips on fitness visit, Energetic, Fit and Healthy and check out my post on some of my favorite workouts to try.

6-  Protect Your Immune System with Disease-Fighting Superfood Nutrition:  A well-balanced diet full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants from fruits and veggies can be an excellent way to help prevent infection and sickness, but with our modern diets being so depleted it becomes very important to supplement as well.  
Even with a near perfect diet its almost impossible to get all the nutrition we need to maintain a healthy body because of today's depleted crops, harvesting practices etc..
Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle play such an important role in helping to prevent most major diseases (such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease), but getting proper nutrition in our modern world can be a such challenge.
Some of the supplement ingredients I like that can support your immune system and give it that extra support include: beta glucan, reishi, poria, and maitake mushrooms... read more about an Immune Booster I love here.

7- Detox Your Body:  One of the best ways I've found for keeping my immune system healthy and preventing the flu is to regularly cleanse my body of toxins with a cellular nutritional cleanse.  Biggest reason?  People who suffer from frequent colds or other illnesses often find that their immune system improves after completing a regular cleanse. The immune system gets a profound boost after a nutritional cleanse because the body no longer has to fight harmful bacteria stuck in the intestines, so it is now free to handle the everyday threats against it.
So if you are looking to beat the flu naturally without getting the flu shot, these tips should help.  Just be sure to be more proactive about your health.  Focus on prevention now, doing the things you can do to stay healthy and avoid getting sick, rather than waiting till you get sick and having to rely on medication to mask the symptoms.  Once in awhile we will all get colds and flus, it's just a part of life, but if we work on doing what we can now to stay as Energetic, fit and healthy as possible, we can be sure to live a healthier life and be able to beat the flu naturally! (without getting the flu shot! ;))

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