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Is Your Diet SAFE? What to Avoid and Look for in a Healthy Diet, Cleanse or Weight Loss Plan

Is my Diet Safe?  With all the new trends and fads in the diet and weight loss industry these days, it can be easy to feel lost and confused about what to look out for and look out for when it comes to a healthy weight loss plan.

Doing your due-dilligence to research and knowing what is safe and healthy is so important and it's something that I'm asked about often.  So here are some of the things I've found to be important to pay attention to and look out for when it comes to finding the healthiest solutions for weight loss or staying energetic, fit and healthy.

Top 5 Things to Look out for in a Diet or Weight Loss Plan:

1-  Hype-Based:  The number 1 Red Flag I recommend avoiding is any new diet that relies on hype, trends or fads to sell a new concept or idea.  In almost every case I've observed or researched, when this is the main tactic or motive, true results and long-term health are never the main goal.  It is all about quick-fixes with crazy gadgets, pills or gimmicks with outlandish promises that never last.  

A healthy plan should teach you how to have a healthy relationship with food and healthy habits for eating and exercise that you can maintain for life.  This is about creating a health lifestyle, not a short-term diet!

2-  Overly Restrictive:  Another thing to watch out for is any diet that limits you to only a few food groups and seems to cut out entire food groups altogether.  There is no scientific evidence to support eliminating entire food groups in order to lose weight.  Unless you have a specific allergy that you've been tested for, I would caution against any diet that restricts or eliminates entire food groups.

Couch Potato Diet, anyone? hehe ;)
3-  No Exercise Necessary?  This one always boggles my mind... now its one thing if you are physically unable to move due to injury or illness, but if a diet claims and even recommends no exercise, I just have to wonder....  Exercising is important and good for your health.  Of course, weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise but that exercise is still an important part of our overall health.  So think twice about any diet that tells you not to work out.

4-  Artificial or Cheap supplements:  Another thing to watch out for with any diet or meal plan is when the supplements suggested include cheap, processed, denatured protein or supplements that include sucralose (splenda), artificial flavors or colors.  You want to put the best in your body so that you feel the best and have the best results... so don't settle.  Look for protein and supplements that include UNdenatured protein that is not treated with hormones, pesticides or chemicals, and nutritional supplements that are Non-GMO, gluten free, and have no soy protein or artificial sweeteners.

5-  No Clinical Research or Scientific Validation:  When it comes to your long term health, its important that the wellness plan you follow has taken the time to research and study the long term effects and benefits.  You want to know that the research is behind you and on your side so that you have the peace of mind that you have made the right choice and are on the right track.  

Next, take a look at what it looks like to have No-Compromise products and what to look for in a safe and healthy wellness system:  How do you know if your products really work?  How to know if your wellness products are really, safe, effective and healthy.

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