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Bars, Balls and Bites | Top Protein Ball Recipes to Keep You Energetic Fit and Healthy

What are some of your all-time Favorite ways to use your protein powder that  don't  involve a protein shake or smoothie? I know that for my family in particular, protein balls always seem to be a huge hit! Something about having an easy, healthy, bite-sized snack (that looks cute too!) seems to be a winner in my house! ;) I have to admit, I LOVE my daily protein shake after my workouts, but sometimes I like finding new and creative ways to use my protein powder that don't involve the typical shake or smoothie.  And our favorites are almost always Protein Balls, Protein bars and protein bites! On my fitness fan page and group,  Energetic Fit and Healthy , I love finding and sharing some of my favorite, high-protein, low-carb, clean recipes for my followers to try and love.  Some of those include ways to incorporate protein powder for a healthy, clean treat.  (Note: have about 2 protein balls for a typical 100 calorie snack...depending on how big or small you make t

Health and Productivity: How Better Nutrition and Exercise will Boost Your Business and Performance

Is there a Connection between Your Health and Productivity? We all know that being in great shape with good nutrition and exercise are important for our health, but how can it help with business productivity?  Do physically fit people really perform better in business?  Is there really connection between health and business success?  Well, believe it or not, there really is! Taking the time to keep a priority on good nutrition and working out can really help your performance and productivity as well as your concentration and confidence. But why, and how? Here are more reasons that Exercise and Nutrition Help with Productivity: 1-   Mental Sharpness:   A solid nutritional eating plan and liquid supplement can help your mind to stay sharp and focused your whole life.  As you get older, your body produces less and less brain cells (known as neurogenesis).  But studies have shown that exercise and nutrition can help to slow this process down.  So as we reach an older age, th