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Health and Productivity: How Better Nutrition and Exercise will Boost Your Business and Performance

Is there a Connection between Your Health and Productivity?
We all know that being in great shape with good nutrition and exercise are important for our health, but how can it help with business productivity?  Do physically fit people really perform better in business?  Is there really connection between health and business success? 

Well, believe it or not, there really is!

Taking the time to keep a priority on good nutrition and working out can really help your performance and productivity as well as your concentration and confidence.

But why, and how?

Here are more reasons that Exercise and Nutrition Help with Productivity:

1-  Mental Sharpness:  A solid nutritional eating plan and liquid supplement can help your mind to stay sharp and focused your whole life.  As you get older, your body produces less and less brain cells (known as neurogenesis).  But studies have shown that exercise and nutrition can help to slow this process down.  So as we reach an older age, those of us who exercise on a regular basis may even have more brain cells than those of us who do not, obviously giving us a huge advantage in the business world!  Nutrition also plays a massive factor in cognitive function.  Go here for our recommended natural brain health and sleep support.

2-  Improve Performance:  Another way consistent exercise and nutrition can help us in the workplace is that we have more energy all day.  Working out on a regular basis helps to stimulate new mitochondria in your cells to allow your body to produce more ATP over time.  This provides consistent energy as you physically and mentally exert yourself.  It also results in better energy for your brain as you think all day, improving your mental output!

Exercise and Nutrition to Reduce Stress
3-  Handle Stress Better Anyone who owns a business knows that the pressure to perform, lead and work can be a lot, but those who exercise often and dedicate themselves to a high quality superfood nutritional program can ensure that their bodies and minds are better equipped to handle that stress and pressure.  When you exercise you receive a number of direct benefits that help your body better handle stress and anxiety including:

  • relaxed muscles - exercise helps muscles avoid tension by using up pent up energy and releasing muscle tension to relieve muscle pain.
  • utilizes stress hormones - exercises helps to use up and fight against stress hormones that are released into the body when you feel stress or anxious.
  • releases the happy hormones, endorphins -  it is a well known fact that exercise releases endorphins into the body to give you a natural boost and help create a feeling of happiness and well being.  Anyone experiencing sadness, depression or stress should be that much more aware and dedicated to a regular exercise program to help overcome those feelings naturally!

4-  Better Confidence:  When it comes to exercise, nutrition and productivity, another one of the huge benefits is your confidence.  People who feel better about themselves and the way they look, are that much more likely to perform and lead so much better than those who don't.  When you exude confidence and self-esteem, people perceive you as more of a natural leader and even as more successful!  Exercise affects literally everything in the body and mind and when your whole outlook in life as well as your appearance, confidence, energy levels and mindset are improved, your ability to deal with people and their response to you as well will be enhanced immensely!

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