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Best Workouts for Weight Loss and Staying Energetic, Fit and Healthy!

What are the BEST exercises and workouts for weight loss?

Quick answer?  Anything you will actually DO and stick with!!

Really, there's no magic equation or one-size-fits all routine that works for everyone!

The truth is you have to find something you actually like and will do consistently because when it comes to best exercises for weight loss the actual KEY is consistency!!

You have to DO it!!

So what do you love?

Some of us love to dance!  I love to do ballet barre workouts (I'll share my personal favorite workouts below!)

Some of us love to run or hike or be outside...

Some love to workout in groups, with friends or at the gym...

Some prefer to workout solo: yoga, running etc...

No matter what it is, you need to find a time of the day that works for you and commit to it.

Are you working full time or a busy mom of kids?  When can you fit it in?  Early in the morning before work or school?  In the afternoon when your baby or toddler is napping?  Later in the evening after the kids are in bed for the night?

Time of day really isn't critical, the important thing is that you DO it.

There are certain types of workouts and moves that make a difference to me but here are some of my workout secrets and tips the make the MOST difference for me...

BEST Workouts for Weight Loss - Tips for Staying Energetic Fit and Healthy:

1-  Just DO it:  So I covered doing it and consistency and this is probably the biggest thing of al!  You just have to do it.  Get over the excuses.  If you want results and want to reshape your body, lose weight and get more Energetic, Fit and Healthy then you just have to do it!

2-  Schedule it into your day:  What time of day can you workout?  Put it in your schedule on your phone and set a pop-up reminder to beep 30 min before your workout time and remind you to get ready to WORK it!! :-D

3-  Mix It Up:  So here's something important.  Try not to do the same thing every day... for one thing it can get boring and tedious.  For another thing, your body can eventually form muscle memory and not feel as challenged by the same workout that might have been harder for you a month or so ago.  So, while I may love ballet barre workouts the most, I purposely add in other routines throughout the week to mix it up and be sure my body doesn't get too used to one thing!

4-  Don't be afraid to lift weights:  Toning and resistance is what shapes your body and builds definition to keep you looking fit and sexy!   Plus, having more muscle on your body helps your metabolism burn at a higher rate throughout the day!!  Bonus! ;)

So what workouts are best for weight loss?

  • Aim for a mix of cardio and strength training.  

Whether you are doing your own routine, working out the gym for following a workout dvd or youtube video your goal should be to workout for at least 30 min and get your heart rate up.

PopSugar Fitness is one free online site that I follow for workouts and tips.  Here's an article of their's on Best workouts for weight loss.

Here's some of my personal favorite and Best workouts for Weight Loss and Staying Energetic, Fit and Healthy:

Burn your booty at the Barre!
1- Ballet Barre Workouts:  I know that everyone is different, but personally, I LOVE the look of a dancer's body.  Long, lean, toned and not bulky!  I love ballet barre workouts because they help my body have the long, lean look of a dancer while building strength and grace.  It is my workout secret weapon and it is my happy place! :-)

2- Piyo- this is a hybrid mix of pilates and yoga with a cardio element to speed things up!  I Love it.  This is body-weight exercise at it's best because you build strength and stamina using your own body weight!  (Read my unbiased Piyo review here.)

What else do I do to mix it up and challenge my body?
  • Hiit- High Intensity, Interval Training
  • yoga-
  • hiking
  • swimming
Next, what natural, whole food supplements can help you get the most out of your workouts?  

Here are some of my favorite, Go-To Workouts for Weight loss, staying toned and in shape and feeling Energetic, Fit and Healthy!

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