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My Energetic, Fit and Healthy Philosophy: Why I support Superfood Nutritional Supplementation and Regular Nutritional Cleansing

Are you concerned with your health at all?

Chances are that if you're reading this blog, you probably are...

Whether you are looking to lose weight or you are a fitness and nutrition advocate like myself, it's encouraging to see that more and more people, these days are becoming interested in the Wellness industry...

When it comes to my own personal Energetic, Fit and Healthy Philosophy, I truly feel that having an emphasis on wellness and prevention is no longer a choice, it is a Must!

And as most people who know me can probably tell, staying Energetic Fit and Healthy is a HUGE part of my way of life!

I love how I feel when I workout regularly, eat clean, stay hydrated, get enough sleep, stay positive and motivated etc...  

While I'm definitely NOT perfect, I just know that I feel SO much better when I am consistent with these things...

And I am also a HUGE advocate of nutritional supplementation...

Here’s why:

"I can get everything I need from food." 
Not likely, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. 
As it turns out, supplementing is vital to one's health.
The scary thing about today's modern diet is that most of the population consumes foods that are filled with unnecessary, unhealthy and unsafe additives, hormones, pesticides, herbicides and preservatives. 

While it's true that eating clean and organic can help, there is more to worry about than just those dangerous chemicals and additives.  As a matter of fact, our topsoil, which is a fundamental component to growing nutritious foods, is nearly depleted of all its former nutrients. 

So, what does this mean for us? We are left with foods that are significantly lower in vitamins and minerals today than in years past. 

And as most of us know, vitamins and minerals are essential for supporting our health and bodily functions in every way;  without them the body is susceptible to disease and illness and the immune system is unable to protect the body the way it should.  

When the body is sick and medicines are used to address symptoms rather than the root cause, we are missing the point... the body isn't lacking medicine, it is lacking nutrition.  You are not deficient in tylenol when you get a are only addressing the symptoms...

This is one of the reasons I am so big on nutrition, eating clean and healthy and supplementing my body with high-quality, superfood nutritional supplements rather than first turning toward medication to feel better... 

(*please don't get me wrong here...I believe that medication can have its place especially with serious diseases in terms of getting to a place where a person can manage pain or function in their daily life, however in many cases, I believe our culture has become too medication-dependent, not first looking to nutrition to allow the body to be healthy and to heal and repair itself the way it was designed to do...)

We need Nutritional Supplementation and Nutritional Cleanses for the Body!
So, unfortunately, the fact remains that unless you live in a glass house and never step foot outside, we are continually exposed to toxins through our food, air and more...they are just everywhere!

But there are things we can do about this...

So first of all, we need to understand the Defense Mechanism that the Body has to protect our bodies from Toxins...
  • First the body must recognize the toxin (which does not always happen when the body is ill or suffering from various auto-immune disorders)
  • Then the body will either correctly get rid of the toxin or more commonly, surround the toxin with fat cells to protect vital organs from being poisoned~

So, What are the Solutions?

Spring Cleaning #GlobalCleanseDay is coming on March 21!

For myself and so many others who opt for Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition, it is to get daily exercise, supplement the body with high quality nutritional supplements as well as regularly cleanse the body of harmful toxins.

Still not convinced?


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And take a look at my Superfood Nutritional Supplements of Workout Secret Weapons for staying Energetic, Fit and Healthy!

**With FREE SHIPPING available till this Sunday evening on any 30 day systems or greater, it will be the perfect opportunity to take back control of your health and fitness and start looking and feeling your best!**
#GlobalCleanseDay is coming up!
I'm ready to Re-Set my body with a Spring Cleansing
to be Bikini Body ready by Summer!
How about YOU?


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