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Energetic Fit and Healthy Beauty Reviews: Pur Cosmetics Cameo Contour Review and Giveaway!

Energetic Fit and Healthy Beauty Reviews: Pur Cosmetics Cameo Contour Review and Giveaway!

As a self-confessed, health, fitness and beauty junkie, I love to try and review anything having to do with looking and feeling my best!

I actually have a ton of reviews on my blogs:
In the past I've reviewed a variety of companies, products and concepts including:

Today what I wanted to talk about is another one of my just for fun and just because I love it type of blog posts and reviews:

My Energetic Fit and Healthy Review of the NEW Pur Cosmetics Cameo Contour-

Earlier today, I was surprised by a gift box from the Pur Minerals Cosmetics company.  They sent me a box and hand-written note with a description of this new product.  As a quick disclaimer, they did not ask me to write a review or pay me any money.  What I have noticed is that certain you-tubers and bloggers are often sent products in hopes that more people will find out about what they have to offer! :)

They sent me one of each of the 5 colors that are available in the new Cameo Contour.  (They are $39.50 each and come with a beauty blender)  So this was extremely generous of them and as a thank you, the least I can do is a write a review and share my honest thoughts about the products!

So what is it?

The Cameo Contour is a Dual-Ended Contour Foundation stick.  On one side you have a highlighter and on the other side you have a contour.

From the Pur website:

Meet the final word in flawless contouring. PÜR's dual-ended contour stick adds closeup-worthy depth and dimension to your natural features with a creamy formula that sets to a picture-perfect powder finish. With use of natural, light-reflective ingredients that resemble microspheres, this 2-in-1 complexion innovation emphasizes your face’s natural highlights and shadows while simultaneously blurring the look of imperfections, such as dark spots and fine lines. As you apply and blend one or both shades with the Contour Blending Sponge, your skin also absorbs in the skin-perfecting benefits of PÜR’s own Ceretin® Complex—a proprietary blend of hydrating ceramides and age-defying vitamin A!

Skin Tone Shade Descriptions:
  • Light - Porcelain & Light 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup; fair to fair with creamy ivory undertones
  • Medium – Blush Medium & Golden Medium 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup; medium beige with blush to golden undertones
  • Tan – Light Tan, Tan, & Medium Tan 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup; olive with yellow, honey and caramel undertones
  • Dark – Medium Dark & Golden Dark 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup; rich bronze with golden undertones
  • Deep – Deep & Deeper 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup; warm with golden amber undertones

How to Use the Pur Cameo Contour:
Because it comes as a 2-sided stick foundation, it is super easy to use.  It comes with a visual guide to show you how and where to apply.  

They recommend first applying your normal primer and foundation routine before using the Cameo contour to highlight and contour.
Step 1: Highlight:
  • Center of the forehead
  • Under brow bone
  • Down the bridge of the nose
  • Under eye
  • Center of chin

PÜR Tip: Apply primer then foundation prior to performing contour technique. 

Step 2: Contour

  • Around forehead hairline
  • Sides of nose
  • Under cheekbone
  • Under jawline

PÜR Tip: To get the most natural cheek bones, purse your lips to locate your natural hollow area beneath the cheekbone and apply contour shade.

My Honest Review of Pur Cameo Contour:

So I was sent all 5 colors to choose from and depending on the time of year I could probably get away with using light, medium or even tan in the summer but I figured I would go in the middle and choose medium to start with.

As recommended, I started with a clean face and used Primer and Foundation first (currently I am using the E.L.F. Mineral Infused Face Primer and the Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Foundation- I like this one because it is very moisturizing, has good coverage and doesn't settle into fine lines).

Next, I used the diagram to draw out the highlighting and contouring marks on my face they way they show.. In this pic in the top left I drew out the marks, then used the beauty blender to blend it out.  The finished look is on the bottom right.  On my hand I have swatches of the highlight and contour on my hand on the top right, then blended out on the bottom left.  You can see on my hand that the product is reflective like other highlighters you may have tried.  

The consistency is smooth and creamy to start out with and easy to blend with the blending sponge they include with it.  (There are lots of great tutorial videos on youtube to demonstrate exactly how to apply and blend out the highlight and contour.)

So, would I recommend the Pur Cameo Contour?  
I have used it once so far and found it easy to apply and blend and I liked the finished look on my face.  In terms of wearability I would need to test it outside and in a real life setting to be 100% sure but so far I like it! ;)

For anyone who loves the look of a contoured face and really wants to emphasize their cheek bones or draw more attention to their eyes and dimension with one product, this may be a great one for you to try!

So now, on to my Giveaway, as promised!!

The details have been posted on my Instagram: @EnergeticFitandHealthy so be sure to follow me there for the rules and details of my Energetic Fit and Healthy Pur Cameo Contour Giveaway!

So, a little hint... obviously only one color worked perfectly for me (Medium) so I have the other 4 to give away:  Light, Tan, Dark and Deep.  

Go to for more details or to browse the other products that Pur offers!  (one I've had my eye on that you should take a look at are the Pur Eye Polishes- I want them ALL!!)

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