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Chase Down Your Food Choice Consequences: Could One Bad Food Choice TODAY Lead to a 25 lb Weight Gain LATER??

How important are our daily food choices, really?

I mean, can one bad food choice today actually lead to a 25 lb weight gain in a year?

Maybe, maybe not?

Last night I was reading an amazing book called, 'The Best Yes' by Lysa Terkeurst and she shared something profound that I thought I should share here today...

The book itself, in general, really is not about being Energetic, Fit and Healthy but the chapter I read last night was called, 'Chase Down that Decision' and part of what Lysa shared was directly applicable and I really wanted to share it today! :)

Each and every decision or choice we make carries with it a consequence, whether big or small.  And I love what she shared about how even a seemingly small, insignificant (but unhealthy) food choice, if we aren't careful, could potentially lead to scary consequences down the road...

Here's what she wrote:
Yummy Sugary Delish ;)
"The other day one of my friends asked me if I wanted to try her caramel-crunch-latte-love-something-fancy-with whip-on-the top.  Yes, please. I would very much like to try that.  But I didn't.  Why?  Because I know myself very well.  I won't crave something I never try.  But if I try a sugary delish, I will crave said sugary delish.  I will not want just a sip.  I will want a whole one to myself.  And then I will want a whole one to myself several times a week.  So, let me chase down this decision.

"I found out that drink has 560 calories.  If I get in the habit of having three of those per week for the next year and change nothing about my current eating and exercising habits, I will take in an additional 87,360 calories.  Thirty-five hundred calories equals one pound of fat.  So, give or take how my body chemistry may process all this, according to math alone, I am set to gain about twenty-five pounds during this next year.  When I chase down that decision, I refuse sips of drinks like these.

"People laugh sometimes when I tell them this little process of mine and say, 'Well, you're just a disciplined person."  Not really.  Did you catch that part about how a sip for me would lead to enjoying this treat three times a week?  I'm not really disciplined.  I'm just determined--determined not to go places I don't want to go simply because I didn't take time to honestly evaluate.  I've felt the heavy weight of regret and I don't want to return there."

This or That??

I loved this illustration about the potential consequence of giving in to one unhealthy temptation.

But, of course we know ourselves, though, right?  We know whether or not we can stand to resist giving in again in the future and whether or not one occasional splurge will actually have any affect on us.  But the point here is to be Aware!  Be mindful of what you are doing.  

Don't allow yourself to mindlessly give in to temptation without being aware of what that choice could mean for you.

I try to be very conscientious of my food choices.  I'm not fanatical and crazy about it.  I aim to eat clean about 80% of the time, allowing myself to stretch and splurge about 20% of the time.   Being healthy MOST of the time and committing to working out and living healthy gives me the freedom to know when I can afford to give in once in awhile or not.

So, know yourself.  Be aware of what you can and can not handle and even more importantly, as Lysa said, 'chase down that decision.' Consider the long term potential reach of what that one bad choice today could mean for yourself later.

It could be just one innocent, enjoyable treat but it could also mean a potential 25 lb weight gain in the course of a year by giving in just once.  IF you are not careful and intentional about each choice and decision you make today!

Maybe, maybe not...  

But you know yourself, right? ;)

So, the point is to remember to consider the consequences and chase down that decision!

Don't let them get away on you!

Is it a smart move?

Will it get you closer to your goal?

Thanks for that word of wisdom, Lysa!

I hope it is encouraging to you today too!! <3

To your health, 

~Emily Stoik~

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