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Ellie Subscription Box Review: What is the Ellie Activewear Subscription Box All About, Anyways?

Whether you're a certified Health Nut and Fitness junkie like me, or just want to look cute at the gym or lounging around the house, it's always nice to have a steady supply of Activewear to keep you going, right? ;) 
So when my sister first told me about the Ellie Activewear Subscription Box, I was immediately intrigued!  I mean, honestly, workout clothes are basically my uniform for LIFE!! lol!

I already love the idea of Subscription boxes, having first tried and loved beauty subscriptions like Ipsy and BoxyCharm! (check out some of my Boxycharm reviews here!)  It's just so much fun getting a little present to yourself each month full of fun surprises!!

But with staying Energetic, Fit and Healthy, being such a HUGE part of my life, the Ellie fitness subscription box just made perfect sense for me!

So what is the Ellie Subscription box, anyways?

Ellie is a month subscription service that sends you 5 active lifestyle items for $49.95 a month, including an outfit of sports bra, leggings or capris, and a top and then a couple of fitness accessories or pieces of equipment!

Here's what I received in the May Ellie subscription box:
Periodically they will have alternate items if a person is a size XS or XL and so because I am an XS, I received an alternate tank and capris.  My favorite pieces were the adorable sports bra and capris. They are really so cute!!  The fitness equipment was an arm wallet to keep your cell phone while running or working out and then a box of 3 hand exercise balls which to me seemed more like stress balls! (A little random, to be honest but I have actually kept one next to my computer to fidget with while working and gave the other 2 away to my kids! ha)

Here's a pic of me in the outfit!
Another fun detail is that if you post a pic of yourself in your outfit or with your box on instagram, Ellie will send you an adorable water bottle for free!!
So, is the Ellie Subscription Box worth it??

If you're someone who loves workout clothes and activewear, whether for serious workouts or just to be comfy at home, this may be something you'll really love. 

Personally, I was pleasantly surprised with the fit of the clothes.  For me, it can often be a little risky to order clothes online and wonder if they will fit properly and you might need to return and exchange for a better size so I was very happy to see that the sizes I chose fit me perfectly on the first try!!

So, YES!  I loved it!!

Try it for a month or two to spruce up your exercise wardrobe or even as a gift for someone you love who's a fitness lover like me! ;)  I'm sure they'd be thrilled!!

I'm already looking forward to seeing what comes in the June Ellie Box!

More details about the Ellie Activewear Subscription box:
As part of this unique subscription service you have the options to
  • Preview: Before a box ships, you have 5 days to preview it and confirm that you actually want the selection. We never ship anything without your approval.
  • Skip:  Don’t like what you’re seeing? Not your style? That’s cool, we’re still friends, just hit the big fat SKIP button and we won’t ship anything.
  • Add: Some months we will feature exclusive add ons as substantially reduced prices - think 70% off - which you can add to your monthly box.
How to Order Your Ellie Subscription box:

Simply go to to get started and choose your size preferences!

Have you tried Ellie yet?  

Share what you got and what you thought in the comments below!

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Stay Energetic, Fit and Healthy!
Emily Stoik

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