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How do You Know if your Products REALLY Work? How to Know if Your Wellness Products Are Safe, Healthy and Effective!

What should you be looking for to find the BEST products out there for your personal Health and Wellness?

Yah, they might have good marketing and hype.  People all over social media could be posting crazy claims about them but what do you really need to look for in order to find the BEST products for staying Energetic, Fit and Healthy?

The products from a True WELLNESS company should have ingredients that reflect that:
  • Safe
  • ALL-Natural
  • No Soy protein 
  • No Sucralose or artificial Sweeteners

Take a closer look at what you're putting in your body on a daily basis...
  • Are they cheap, synthetic vitamins from Walmart or GNC...

Be careful...just because the label says it's "healthy" doesn't necessarily mean that what you're taking is absorbable, natural and recognized by your body as food and good nutrition. 
What you want and need is bioavailable, natural, true wellness products with unique and beneficial ingredients that are high in antioxidants, vitamins, essential minerals with Clinically studied, scientific proven results!
Key Things to Look for in a Wellness Product Line:

3 of the BIGGEST things I can emphasize in terms of what we get asked about with regard to health and wellness products are:
  • Do they Work
  • Are they Clinically Proven?
  • Is the focus on short term diets or long term Health?

1-  No-Compromise Ingredients:  First of all it is vital to know that the Wellness company you are purchasing from has a No-Compromise policy and standards when creating their ingredients and products.  

  • Are they High Quality?
  • Are the Ingredients Safe?
  • Are the products in High Demand?

(Learn more about what it means to have a No-Compromise Policy and standards with quality assurance)

2-  Clinically Proven Results:  One of the absolute biggest measures of effectiveness that I can think of to prove that a system of products truly works is to have clinical research with 3rd party, double blind placebo studies.  

One of the reasons many companies won't do this with their products is that the studies are very expensive to do and when they do them the findings from the research are often published for anyone to see and read so if the results are not favorable it can be a risk.  

So when you find a company with published clinical research studies on the effectiveness of their products you can have added confidence that your products are safe, healthy and effective.

**Click here to read these studies for an example of what to look for in Proven Clinical research for Wellness products.**

3-  It's about a Healthy Lifestyle Not a Quick Fix Diet:  One the the most important things is that you are learning to fuel your body properly and focus on being HEALTHY.  MOST diets simply focus on restricting calories or cutting carbs for a quick fix but what you really want is a program that focuses on fueling your body with the nutrition it craves so that it can function the way it was meant to.  Click this picture to learn more! 

Other things to Consider when Researching to Find the BEST Wellness Products:

  1. Are the Products Simple Enough to Incorporate into your Daily Life?   What you don't want are complicated products that require a new routine or schedule.  They should make sense in the way you already go about your normal lifestyle.
  2. Are You in LOVE with Them? Do you feel excited about the products?  When you find something you love and that is working well for you and those you love you will be more likely to continue to take them and therefore get a better result in the long run than if you are taking a product that you aren't excited about or having to force or remind yourself to take everyday!
Ultimately, what I've noticed in the Health and Wellness Industry is that if it works and is proven to be safe, effective and healthy, you still have to love it and see results or you probably won't continue...

And realistically, speaking, everyone's body is different.  Often what works well for some people may not provide the same results for another so the only way to know for sure if you are going to like something and get results is to give it a serious test.  What I've heard in the industry many times is that you need to give a nutritional supplement 4-6 months in order to see long-lasting results.

Because nutritional supplements are not a drug or medication and not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease.  They are simply food and nutrition that is giving your body what it needs to be healthy.  But because of that, results can take longer to see and feel.  For some people the results will be quicker than others but you need to give your body the time it needs to heal and repair itself.

Our Healthy Family Lifestyle!
When you are willing to incorporate your nutritional products into your daily life along with improved habits such as eating clean, getting daily exercise, enough water and sleep etc. then and only THEN will you see the long lasting results you are after for a more Energetic, Fit and Healthy lifestyle!

Next, dig a little deeper...


  1. The thing I love about this, is that they have a much higher average weight loss and fat loss of any other "healthy product" that I have seen out there.

    Other products say they only boost an average of 4-6lb weight loss; don't even mention fat loss, or toxin loss at all.

    I am so excited about this product, that I am vibrating!!! :)

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