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#GlobalCleanseDay - What is Global Cleanse Day and Why Should You Start 2016 With a Nutritional Cleanse?

If you've been anywhere on Social Media in the Health and Fitness world these days, chances are by now that you've seen the hashtag, #GlobalCleanseDay a time or two, right? ;)

So what is Global Cleanse Day, anyways?

Why are so many people getting SO excited about it and why would you want to start your New Year off with a Nutritional Cleanse??


On January 4, 2016, people all over the world are planning on starting out their New Year by getting Out with the Old and In with the New... Literally and Physically!  

I love this concept!!  

For years, Isagenix has lead the way in the world of Nutritional Cleansing, Health and Wellness, and next week, people all over the world will be celebrating this Uber-effective system by starting their New Years Cleanse on the same day, all together!

This is SO Awesome!!

Here's what Isagenix had to say about Global Cleanse Day:
Isagenix has been leading the way to health by advocating the practice of cleansing for more than a decade. Make cleansing part of your New Year’s Solution and join Isagenix in celebrating the inaugural Global Cleanse Day on January 4, 2016!

One Day to Celebrate the System

Cleansing is an important component of a healthy lifestyle when used regularly as part of a system. Cleanse for Life is a botanical-rich concentrate that gives your body the nutritional support it needs every day, including on Cleanse Days.

Reach Your Ideal Weight and Reclaim Your Youthful Vitality

The systems that Isagenix has to offer are a groundbreaking path to healthy weight loss and designed to gently rid the body of potentially harmful impurities, while infusing it with essential vitamins, botanicals, and other natural ingredients to help shed pounds naturally without the use of laxatives, stimulants, or diuretics. (via IsaFYI)
What is Nutritional Cleansing Really all about?
The difference between a regular diet and nutritional cleansing is that dieting is really just about restricting calories while Nutritional Cleansing is about flooding your body with the nutrients it craves while ridding the body of toxins that prevent the body from releasing unwanted fat cells.
Why Do we need to Detox and Cleanse?  Do Toxins Actually Make us Fat??
Without a doubt, one of the TOP New Years Resolutions every year is a new diet and exercise program but the reason so few are able to have lasting results is because they don't First address the stored toxins in the body...
Toxins can literally make you fat ~~~~> 
According to Dr. Mark Hyman, "Scientists recently uncovered a surprising and disturbing fact: environmental toxins make you fat and cause diabetes. Inside the body, these chemicals monkey with our ability to balance blood sugar and metabolize cholesterol. Over time, the changes can lead to insulin resistance. This discovery should be headline news but no one is talking about it. Why? Because there are no drugs to treat it. In the quest to conquer the two biggest epidemics of our time—diabetes and obesity—we’ve got to turn our attention to the heavy burden environmental toxins put on our bodies."
As Byron Richards, Certified Clinical Nutritionist put it: "A person who has too many toxins to process will make new fat cells and store those toxins along with fat in them. This is first a form of self-defense against being poisoned, and second, a strategy to get toxins out of the circulation and away from major organs. This means that some people will not be able to lose any weight at all, regardless of how little they eat, until the acute nature of their plumbing problems are addressed."

Nutritional Cleansing Solves the Problem of Toxic Fat:

During a Cleanse Day, the body burns our will literally use up fat as fuel which causes fat cells to shrink.  As fat cells get smaller, less and less are produced.  This helps our bodies immensely as the endocrine system returns to a more normal state and molecules that cause inflammation in the body are produced less and less.   (HUGE bonus as Inflammation is one of the number one causes of disease in the human body!)

SO, Nutritional Cleansing, rebalances the is NOT a traditional diet that focuses on simply restricting calories.  

Nutritional Cleansing is focused on flooding the body with healthy nutrients that the body craves, while removing unhealthy and unsafe toxins from the body.  

Nutritional Cellular cleansing removes toxins from the body, allowing the body to properly build lean muscle and melt away excess fat where the toxins had been stored (often for years!)

Get Ready for Global Cleanse Day and Start 2016 out Right!

Nutritional Cleansing is the perfect way to get rid of the old and make way for the new!

I love that this is really such a metaphor for the perfect New Year's Resolution!  

As we all prepare for a New Year and all that 2016 has in store, the 30 day Nutritional Cleansing and Fat Burning System will be the perfect way to ensure that you have success in sticking with your Energetic Fit and Healthy goals for the New Year and get on your way to the healthy body and lifestyle you want!

FREE SHIPPING on 30 Day Nutritional Cleanse and Fat Burning System (or any pack 164 BV or higher) through January 17, 2016!
As a special offer to help anyone wanting to start their New Year right on Global Cleanse Day (or anytime in start of the New Year), Isagenix is offering FREE SHIPPING on any new orders 164 BV or higher with autoship!
Suggested pack options are: (Click to see details and ordering info)
  • Our 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing and Fat Burning System, which replaces 64 meals and is ideal for someone looking to release extra weight. 
  • Our Energy System, which offers a mix of high-quality protein and superb nutrition to help you improve your health and feel vibrant and alert throughout the day. 
  • Our Performance System, which features a mix of nutrients, energy boosters, and high-quality protein for muscle growth and recovery while helping you achieve a tighter, leaner physique and experience optimal performance. 
  • Our Healthy Aging and Telomere Support System, which provides youthful-aging support from Ageless Essentials with Product B IsaGenesis and a 2-day Cleanse Support Kit for 2 Deep Cleanse Days. 
Are YOU Toxic?  Do you really need to Cleanse?

How to Order Your 30 Day Nutritional Cleanse and Fat Burning System for Global Cleanse Day?

  1. Click here for details of the 30 day cleanse and fat burning system to see what comes in the pack
  2. Click SIGN UP AND SAVE to order! 
  3. Fill out the forms and you should have your products within a few business days!
  4. Order between now and January 17, 2016 for FREE SHIPPING!

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