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Superfood Gingerbread Protein Shake Recipe | With Guest Blogger Bonnie Randall

Its the most wonderful time of the year, Right?
But it's also the time when statistics show the average person gains 7-10 lbs!? YIKES!!

Well, my sister, Bonnie Randall, and I decided, 'Not this year, Santa!' lol ;)

And today I invited Bonnie, to be my featured guest blogger to share an amazing recipe we came up with after we realized we'd BOTH been on the hunt for a healthy but delicious Gingerbread protein shake recipe!  It has to be out there, somewhere, right?  Well there were many variations but we came up with our own that is the BEST! (in our humble opinion, of course!)

Here is my sister, Bonnie's post from Instagram:

"So yesterday my sister Emily and I had a creepy moment where she sent me a shake recipe at the exact time i was looking for one! 

Then this morning i tried it but it didn’t taste like a real gingerbread cookie 😢 so i played around with the recipe and BOOM we figured out together the best tasting gingerbread shake ever!  

And the best part it’s got superfood ingredients! Did you know molasses is a superfood?! and we all know isalean is superfood so double whammy! Yum! 😋

I seriously love gingerbread i could eat it all year round! This shake just made my day! Thanks em for experimenting with me!"

So, did we mention Molasses is a Superfood??
When we were first researching to develop a recipe that would taste more like an authentic gingerbread, we knew it would probably need to include Molasses ...but is molasses good for you?  Does it fit with a healthy protein shake??

Well, according to, 
"The wonderment of blackstrap molasses is that it’s unlike refined sugar, which has zero nutritional value. Blackstrap molasses contains vital vitamins and minerals, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and selenium.
Blackstrap molasses is touted as a superfood. While it’s no miracle cure, it does have strong nutritional value with many benefits."
A few of the superfood health benefits of Blackstrap Molasses include:
  • Diabetes friendly
  • good for building strong bones - great source of calcium and magnesium
  • good source of iron (great news for anyone that may be anemic)
  • good source of potassium
  • click here to read more about what we learned about the superfood benefits of blackstrap molasses.
So combine the benefits of blackstrap molasses with other incredible, superfood ingredients such as Cinnamon, Ginger and the UNdenatured, Complete and perfectly balanced macronutrient meal of the IsaLean protein shake and BAM!! You have one amazing, powerful shake that you can savor, guilt-free!!

More about the IsaLean shake:

IsaLean Shake is a nutritious, balanced meal replacement clinically tested to promote effective, healthy weight loss and lean muscle building. It’s a low-glycemic shake with energy-fueling carbohydrates, good fats, vitamins and minerals, and 24 grams of high-quality protein.
  • Superior branched-chain amino acid profile
  • Active enzymes to help ease digestion
  • Essential trace minerals
  • Natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners
  • No trans fat
  • Read more about the IsaLean superfood nutrition here.
So, without further ado, here is the Superfood Gingerbread Protein shake recipe that we came up with...

Gingerbread Protein Shake:
2 scoops chocolate IsaLean protein
1/4tsp ginger
1/8 tsp nutmeg
1/8 tsp cloves
1/4 tsp cinnamon 
1 tsp Blackstrap Molasses
1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
1/2 cup ice if you like it thinner like Bonnie, or 1-2 cups ice if you like it thick enough to eat with a spoon like me, Emily ;) xo
8 oz water
(Optional: 1/2 frozen banana)
Blend and enjoy! 

Meet my Sister, Bonnie Randall:
A few months ago, I was able to interview Bonnie so that she could share her health journey, how she has battled various health challenges such as infertility, postpartum depression and the struggle to lose the baby weight and the simple system she's been using to get back on track with her health, release 47lbs and feel like herself again. I'm so proud of her heart to share and encourage others that there is hope and you can feel good in your own skin.  I hope you find this as inspiring as I do.

Next, connect with Bonnie Randall:
Instagram @bonnie.randall

Ps... let us know in the comments below if you try this recipe and how you like it!!  We'd love to hear and if you have any other awesome protein shake recipes you're loving!
To your health,
Emily Stoik & Bonnie Randall

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  1. great article. I made mine slightly different I use 1 scoop of pumpkin spice and 1 scoop of chocolate. I didn't add any molasses..but now I think I will. If you try this recipe with the pumpkin and the chocolate
    , let me know what you think of it.


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