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Evaluating TOP Wellness Companies: What to Look for and How to Choose the Right Wellness Company for You!

Top Wellness Companies are usually perfectly integrated into two of the most successful industries that exist: health and wellness and networking and online marketing.  If you are looking for a reliable company to team up with so that you can start your own business and take better control of your finances, then chances are you are looking for which companies out there are actually the top wellness companies that you can trust.  
Here are some of the most important things to look for when evaluating Top Wellness Companies:
What Makes the Top Wellness Companies and Network Marketing Industries so Successful?
According to Paul Zane Pilzer, author and economic advisor, the wellness industry will reach over one trillion dollars per year in the near future.  This will put the Wellness industry second to only the automotive and computer industries.  And coupled with the Internet and online marketing, those in the wellness industry will have a huge advantage at taking back control of their financial future and improving their overall lifestyle.
So, what should you be looking for in the top wellness companies? 
Here are the 5 Most Important Qualities to Evaluate Top Wellness Companies:
1-  Stability and Longevity:  First of all when it comes to both the wellness industry and the Networking and Online Marketing Industries, it is important to be aware of whether or not the company that you are looking at has both stability and longevity.  In other words, Top Wellness Companies that you look at should be past the first year hump (most network marketing companies fail in their first year) and show a continuous growth in sales worldwide every year.
What to look for in Wellness Products?
2-  Product Line:  The next category you will need to consider with top wellness companies, of course is their product line.  
Are they Consumable?
  • Are they something that people will need, want and use on a daily basis? 
  • And is it something that you can use and feel passionate about as well so that you can feel confident in sharing it with others. 
  • Also, be sure to look into the product bioavailability and effectiveness (does it work?)  Because, ultimately, if it doesn't work and do what it says it does, your business won't make it very far.  
  • People should get results and feel an emotional response...something that resonates in them and they will be excited to share with others.
  • Click here: How do you know if your Products REALLY work?

3-  Price Point/ Business Start-Up Fees:  Another important 
aspect of top wellness companies is how much it costs to start and how much it will cost you to market your business.  Most brick and mortar businesses cost anywhere from $300K to a few million dollars to get started whereas a Wellness company that is run from home can be as low as a couple hundred dollars up to around $1k to start.  Look for a company with a duplicatable system to help you learn how to generate a steady flow of leads and low to no cost marketing plans. 

4-  Compensation Plan:  Can you really make money here? 
Other than product line, one of the other most important things to look for in Top Wellness Companies, is their compensation plan.  Do your homework, talk to other company reps or brand partners and ask them what they think of the compensation plan.  Some systems are more simple and straight forward than others but with a really good, well-thought-out compensation plan, you can have a great short term and long term plan for improving your financial future.  
Our favorite compensation strategy that we prefer to work with is the Binary compensation plan because of it's simplicity in just building 2 teams and an unlimited depth for your payout but again you have to look into what the company offers to decide what's best for you and your goals.

5-  Tools/Training:  Will you have help and support?  
When it comes to teaming up with the Top 
Wellness Companies and team leaders, another very important thing to consider is the level of team training and one-on-one support you will receive.  Look at the team-work, synergy and the kinds of training and support they offer, whether that be through conference calls, zoom calls, emails, pdf systems to follow, and Facebook groups for daily tips and updates.  Well established teams and leaders will be dedicated to supporting you on a daily and weekly basis to ensure that you can reach your goals.
Ultimately when it comes to starting your own business and pairing up with the right Top Wellness Companies, it will all come down to your own personal choice and level of dedication and commitment to putting into practice the tool and training that you will receive.  
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But when you do your research and find a well-established company, industry, team and leaders to follow, you will be able to stay in the loop and ahead of the game to achieve your chosen goals for your family and future.  
For our family, being a part of the wellness industry and working from home has been a tremendous blessing.  To be able to enjoy good health and financial freedom and have the time freedom and flexibility to design our own life, travel and live according to our schedule and goals.  We love showing other families around the world how they can have the same and no matter what you choose we encourage you to follow what's best for you because the potential in this industry is just so exciting!
Next, learn more about one of the Top Wellness Companies and what sets their products and business opportunity ahead of the competition. 

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